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ImmunerősítésIn many children upper respiratory tract infections, colds, nasal congestion, ear inflammation, sinusitis and pharyngitis or bronchitis caused by leaking discharge start with the school and nursery season in the autumn. Productive or dry cough or in serious cases pneumonia may occur, which can have serious complications. Depending on the attitude of the doctor, antibiotic therapy is started at some stage of the process, sooner or later, and all parents and doctors want to minimize the dose of antibiotics as much as possible. This almost continuous bout of illnesses may go on until the middle of spring. In such cases children suffer from discomfort and pain, and the anxiety and concerns of parents forced to stay home from work on sick leave are also not negligible.

Polarized light can help resolve these problems. The regular use of Sensolite light bed is primarily recommended for the prevention of these conditions but it is also excellent for enhancement of recovery from the illness and prevention of complications. These therapeutic effects have already been confirmed by clinical results (Orvosi Hetilap (Medical Weekly) 2011, Volume 152, Issue 37). 80% of children with these problems responded well to preventive therapy as demonstrated by significant reduction of the number of recurrent disease and quantity of antibiotics used and required.

If your child is especially susceptible to infections and easily catches a cold and infections associated with sore throat and cough, it is recommended to use the treatment course for prevention. We recommend this therapy from the age of 6 weeks to 4 years when they can use the light bed together with their parent or sibling; moreover, they can bring toys and books into the therapeutic unit for the treatment session. Our experience has shown that all children love to stay in the Sensolite light bed and many times the question is rather how to persuade your child to come out of the light bed.

Regular Sensolite treatment can prevent upper respiratory infections. If an illness does occur, one should make sure that the child does not use the light bed when having a fever. However, it is recommended to start the therapy after the acute phase of the illness since the frequency of complications may be reduced significantly and children recover more rapidly. It is recommended to start the preventive whole-body polarized light treatment in September and continue with our “Maintenance package” until the end of the critical period i.e. the middle of March.

Recurrent respiratory infections may also occur in adults (for details see above). Prevention and treatment can be performed similarly to that in children but the treatment period may be longer for adults (20 minutes).

I. Doctor’s opinion

Dr Anna Madarasi paediatrician, allergist, pulmonologist, chief physician and head of department of the Children’s Hospital in Buda of Szent János Hospital has performed several thousands of sessions, so it is not a surprise that it is difficult to choose one of her many positive cases. “From the age of 2, Renáta required continuous medical therapy every year from autumn till spring due to cold, cough and bronchitis. She came to the pulmonology first when she was 3 years old. The examination did not show organic deviation or immune deficiency, and her detected mild ragweed pollen allergy is not related to her respiratory symptoms. She started a long-term drug therapy and was isolated from other children. Her illnesses became less frequent this way, but since her brother was going to kindergarten, she still became ill twice a month. At the age of 4 she also started kindergarten. That’s when we started Sensolite whole-body polarized light therapy, which resulted in significantly milder and shorter illnesses – in spite of her going to kindergarten – and the number of her days of absence was not higher than the other children’s. In summer she did not receive the therapy and in autumn she was constantly ill again during the month after the start of kindergarten. We started light therapy again and continued on a maintenance schedule until spring. Renáta went to kindergarten regularly except for 1 or 2 days and she did not receive antibiotic therapy. Gergő, the four years older brother came with Renáta many times and lied in the light bed with her. They named the bed “light shell”. Now Renáta is going to school and she is doing very well.”

II. Patients’ experience

“As I count we have been taking both of our daughters to light therapy regularly for two years. The nursery group and the school presented a lot of “surprises” every year but now we keep the health record in the nursery and in the school as my children have been ill in a total of three times since then, although none of the cases were serious. They recovered rapidly. Initially, I tried to take them to Sensolite therapy at least three times a week. Currently a once-in-a-week treatment is sufficient to maintain our condition but if we prepare for something, e.g. vacation, start of the school year, I prefer the twice-weekly therapy.” P. K.Immunerősítés

“We went to Sensolite at first in August for boosting my child’s immune system before starting the nursery school. 6 treatments resulted in very positive changes according to 2 different doctors. The 5-year-old follow-up examination revealed that my child’s vision in the left eye was developed only in 40% and the doctor prescribed cylindrical lens and cover of the eye. After 2 months the 40% was reduced to 20% and my child’s condition improved further in the next 2 months and we are very glad about it. I can confirm what other patients wrote: my skin is much smoother and vitalized, the signs of my pregnancy fade and on the days of treatment I wake up even after 3-4 hours sleep as if I slept 12 hours. I recommend this therapy to everybody in this sped-up world.” O. F.

“I found Sensolite Gyógycentrum because of my child and the recommended therapy completely cured the symptoms of my child’s food allergy and his/her activity also improved. I also participated in the treatment, and thereby my milk production increased with the therapy, my mood got better and my eczema was gone. I recommend it to everybody.” V. A.

“We had positive experience even after the first 10 treatments as Martin has asthma, migraine and reflux, and in addition to that, he also has various infections from time to time. Previously, it was the time for prolonged sinusitis and bronchitis. Although we started the therapy in the summer, he responded so well to the treatments that he did not become ill for a long time. Previously, frequent and intensive changes in weather caused serious headaches for him but since we regularly use Sensolite he has not felt weather fronts in most cases. These results continue to give faith and strength to both of us. Not to mention that we successfully treated his spotty skin when my teenage son started to have problems with spots according to his age. However, his skin is much better now due to the treatments.” F. B.

“I would like to share my positive experience with you. We went to Sensolite of Szombathely with my two daughters (Réka is 6 years old and Kata is 4 years old) for boosting their immune system. My older daughter suffered from cough and cold almost continuously from autumn till spring and it was often complicated with eye inflammation. We started the therapy in September and now we go to maintenance therapy once or twice a month only. Her symptoms resolved completely with the therapy. I would like to report another interesting thing. There was a chickenpox breakout in our nursery in December and my daughter was also infected. The course of the disease was remarkably mild. The infection occurred at the same time in the children of several friends and the symptoms were much more serious compared to what we saw in our children. The staff is very helpful, competent and kind. I recommend (Sensolite Gyógycentrum) to anybody with similar problems. Thank you very much.” S. A.

III. Therapeutic recommendation

Weekly therapeutic recommendation:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
3 3 2 2 2 2

Maintenance package

For paediatric patients who have received at least one treatment we recommend our maintenance package with once-weekly sessions to maintain disease-free period. The treatment course in the package may be repeated as needed.

Weekly therapeutic recommendation:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

The treatment frequency recommended by us provides results but if our Patient feels that he/she wants to use Sensolite light therapy more frequently, he/she has the possibility to do so after consultation in the Gyógycentrum. However, please note that the energizing effect of light therapy sometimes speeds up the body, thus excessive light treatment may cause sleep problems. Additionally, in such cases light therapy is recommended in the morning instead of evening before bedtime. If you should be active in the evening or at night, it is recommended to come to the Sensolite Gyógycentrum before your activity.

Information in this package offer are based on reports from subjective experience of patients and their treating physicians after intended use of SENSOLITE device. The patients and their treating physicians may mention positive effects in their reports that do not fall within the scope of the approved indication of the device based on the applicable regulations.

Information in this package offer – that is based on patients’ and doctors’ experience – is not supported by clinical research results. Thus, in accordance with the applicable law, the health effects of the treatment are not considered proven in the areas specified in the package offer; however, they are suitable for suggesting the direction of future research.

Based on the above, beneficial effects listed in the package offer are for information only and the effect of treatments may show individual variations. You should consult your doctor before use as an adjuvant therapy. The use of SENSOLITE device does not replace conservative therapies and medicines prescribed by a doctor.

For literature reference for the specific therapy, please, visit www.sensolite.hu.

Please, consider your decision on using this therapy based on the information given above.

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