Help in breast-feeding and in the treatment of maternal depression

Kismama csomagSensolite light bed and regular light therapy may help “overcoming” the hormonal, mental and physical problems arising after delivery. In our experience whole-body polarized light therapy may significantly enhance lactation; it may help preventing and overcoming mood swings and depression after delivery; increasing the body’s natural resistance and recovering from surgical intervention in the case of perineal section or caesarean section.

Both the mother and the baby can use the light bed since the babies older than 6 weeks can enjoy the beneficial effects of polarized light together with their mothers for 5 minutes.

(If breast-milk production becomes very intensive after the treatment, she can continue breastfeeding within the SENSOLITE treatment unit.)

I. Healthcare professional’s opinion

“It is an important question what a baby eats! The quantity of breast-milk is also crucial and we have very good experience with this since milk production is started even after 1 or 2 treatments (or if it has started already but in insufficient amount, it is usually enhanced by approximately 20% after 1-2 treatments). After delivery mothers suffer from significant mental and physical stress due to the frequent waking up at night. We have very good experiences also considering the treatment of maternal depression and the improvement of mood, mental and physical performance. Polarized light provides enhances organ function and the immune system, balances the hormonal system, accelerates tissue regeneration.” Éva Királyné Dávid, health management consultant.

A Sensolite teljes testfelületre alkalmazott polarizáltfény-terápia megegyezik a lokálisan alkalmazott polarizáltfény-terápiás eszközök hatásosságával. A lokális polarizáltfény-terápia kezelés Magyarországon [Kód:86202; Név: Kezelés monochromatikus polarizált fénnyel (Evolite, Bioptron)] jelenleg is OEP finanszírozott ellátás.

II. Patients’ experience

“My main purpose was to induce milk production after caesarean section, which was quite difficult to achieve in a natural way. I was surprised that I felt the results of the treatment even after the first session. It was also very important that after a 20-minute session I felt as if I slept 3 hours. I felt relaxed, enthusiastic. Additionally, the site of the caesarean section started to recover rapidly and the scar was much better. To sum up: I felt healthier.” T. É.

C.C. looked for a cure for the skin disease of her few months old little son and they wanted to avoid the use of steroid-containing ointments. “Inflamed spots developed on Marci’s skin on his belly and head because of his dry skin. We came to decrease the inflammation and to avoid the use of any steroid-containing cream. Even after the third treatment the inflammation notably reduced. The inflamed redness decreased already half an hour after the treatment and scaling remained; this way we only had to use a rich body lotion. We have done a course of 10 sessions and we did not have to use any steroid ointments so far.”

III. Therapeutic recommendation

Kismama csomag

Weekly therapeutic recommendation:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
4 3 3 2 2

Maintenance package

Weekly therapeutic recommendation:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Aktuális csomagárainkról érdeklődjön az Önhöz legközelebb eső Sensolite Gyógycentrumban!

Kismama csomagThe treatment frequency recommended by us provides results but if our Patient feels that he/she wants to use Sensolite light therapy more frequently, he/she has the possibility to do so after consultation in the Gyógycentrum. However, please note that the energizing effect of light therapy sometimes speeds up the body, thus excessive light treatment may cause sleep problems. Additionally, in such cases light therapy is recommended in the morning instead of evening before bedtime. If you should be active in the evening or at night, it is recommended to come to the Sensolite Gyógycentrum before your activity.

Information in this package offer are based on reports from subjective experience of patients and their treating physicians after intended use of SENSOLITE device. The patients and their treating physicians may mention positive effects in their reports that do not fall within the scope of the approved indication of the device based on the applicable regulations.

Information in this package offer – that is based on patients’ and doctors’ experience – is not supported by clinical research results. Thus, in accordance with the applicable law, the health effects of the treatment are not considered proven in the areas specified in the package offer; however, they are suitable for suggesting the direction of future research.

Based on the above, beneficial effects listed in the package offer are for information only and the effect of treatments may show individual variations. You should consult your doctor before use as an adjuvant therapy. The use of SENSOLITE device does not replace conservative therapies and medicines prescribed by a doctor.

For literature reference for the specific therapy, please, visit www.sensolite.hu.

Please, consider your decision on using this therapy based on the information given above.

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