PikkelysömörSymptoms of several health problems first appear on the skin. The first problem that may occur in life – often in the first year of life – is atopic dermatitis with the leading symptoms of itching and the associated restlessness and sleep disorder. In the case of children it can disrupt the quality of life of the whole family. In adolescents, in addition to the symptoms listed above, eczema can also appear on the palms and soles. Symptoms of eczema are visible by naked eyes: it is associated with red patches and initially discharging vesicles that can dry out after they rupture. Eczema symptoms are associated with attacks of itching. Psoriasis is a common skin disease that appears as clearly defined patches on the skin. Its name is derived from the way it initially appears as small red spots, then over time the dried keratotic layers start to scale and fall off like dandruff, and the skin becomes scaly.

Internal and external factors significantly affect the appearance of symptoms of skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema). Stress can cause pronounced worsening of the condition. In addition to a special diet, careful skin care and the use of topical products, the treatment of the whole body with polarized light was shown to be very effective. Sensolite increases skin hydration, reducing itching on the affected area, and the renewal and regeneration of the skin becomes faster due to better oxygen supply and enhanced cellular metabolism. The restlessness and sleep disorder characteristic to the disease improve significantly. Due to the regenerating and anti-stress effect of Sensolite, the symptoms can simultaneously improve or resolve completely, resulting in overall improvement of the quality of life. Additionally, the body becomes more resistant to infections and environmental impacts. However, it should be noted that among all indications psoriasis and eczema are the conditions requiring the greatest patience and persistence during light therapy. Response of patients to whole-body polarized light therapy showed varying results. There was a case when the affected skin showed a slow but constant improvement and recovered completely after 40 to 50 treatment sessions and subsequently it required only one session a week to maintain the good condition. We also had a case when significant relapse was observed after 4-5 treatment sessions but improvement started again after the relapse and the skin reached its optimum condition again after 40-50 treatment sessions.

Recovery was faster in younger people and slower in older people. In the case of psoriasis and eczema, Sensolite fights against the diseases in two ways: it calms down and harmonizes mental conditions caused by stress, anxiety and fear while it directly helps improve skin condition.

I. Doctor’s opinion

“Our 24-year-old patient visited us with psoriasis associated with massive scaling affecting the whole body. We experienced that after the 4th treatment session there was no need to remove the patient’s scales. The patient has gone through more than 20 treatment sessions since then – as part of continuous maintenance therapy in the Gyógycentrum – and we can say that the scales have disappeared and the redness of skin has been reduced. I always tell my patients with eczema that they have to be persistent since their case does not improve as easily as an acute infection where patients can feel the alleviation or resolution of a sore throat even on the next day. In the case of psoriasis and eczema, the therapy stimulates the immune system so that a flare-up of eczema can be prevented more easily. I normally recommend at least 10 treatment sessions to my patients. Within this timeframe they can feel the effectiveness of the therapy themselves and thus there is no need to persuade them to continue. Otherwise, I also had atopic dermatitis and asthma. Whenever I had an acute infection, my skin condition would flare up, my eyelids would become swollen and I would have a cough lasting for 2-3 months. Now, if I feel sore throat, I immediately lie down on the Sensolite bed, and I have no problems after the treatment. Moreover, I have not had an asthmatic cough or a skin rash since then, and I did not have to use my inhalation device. Given that I did not change my lifestyle I am quite sure that this is the result of Sensolite.” Dr Malvina Papp, dermatologist, chief physician

II. Patients’ experience

“My child had eczema on his whole body. With this treatment his skin has recovered nicely. Since then, we have continued the therapy for maintenance and the immune system of my child has also become stronger. The skin of my little boy has wonderfully recovered.” M. K.

Ekcéma“Since we became aware of the eczema diagnosis we have known that it is a persistent disease but we did not find a really effective and reliable method until our neighbours recommended Sensolite. Our son Marci is very active, so we were worried of how he would stay in the Sensolite bed for 10-15 minutes but, thank goodness, he came to like it. To be honest our enthusiasm started to decrease around the 10th treatment but at the 15th-16th session his condition started to improve slowly: the redness started to decrease, the itching reduced and the problematic areas became less pronounced. We did not stop the therapy completely because when we skipped 4 weeks is condition immediately flared-up again. The once-weekly therapy is worth it for us to maintain the improvement.” D. K.

“My daughter is 12 years old and she was diagnosed with psoriasis two years ago. Massive scaly deposits covered her entire scalp for years. We tried many things, especially since our daughter had serious anger attacks because of her condition. She was disturbed by pain, itching and scaling and the entire family suffered from that. To be honest, no spectacular improvement was promised, even in the Sensolite Gyógycentrum. After 2-3 treatments the itching and inflammation decreased, the scales were falling off. She was calmer and her school performance improved. We did not check her head daily because that was another thing that bothered her. After 9-10 treatment sessions the plaques disappeared almost entirely. Then we neglected the maintenance treatment to some degree. Sometimes we did not go to therapy for 2-3 weeks and the symptoms reappeared. They decreased after 3 treatment sessions per week. There is no point in skipping treatment. My two children lied in the machine together and neither of them has been ill ever since we use Sensolite therapy despite the fact that many of their classmates are absent due to illness.” D. SZ.

III. Therapeutic recommendation

The disease groups listed above require varying individual dosing; however, at least 20 treatment sessions are recommended for every patient with continuous follow-up.

Weekly therapeutic recommendation

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2

Maintenance package

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1

The treatment frequency recommended by us provides results but if our Patient feels that he/she wants to use Sensolite light therapy more frequently, he/she has the possibility to do so after consultation in the Gyógycentrum. However, please note that the energizing effect of light therapy sometimes speeds up the body, thus excessive light treatment may cause sleep problems. Additionally, in such cases light therapy is recommended in the morning instead of evening before bedtime. If you should be active in the evening or at night, it is recommended to come to the Sensolite Gyógycentrum before your activity.

Information in this package offer are based on reports from subjective experience of patients and their treating physicians after intended use of SENSOLITE device. The patients and their treating physicians may mention positive effects in their reports that do not fall within the scope of the approved indication of the device based on the applicable regulations.

Information in this package offer – that is based on patients’ and doctors’ experience – is not supported by clinical research results. Thus, in accordance with the applicable law, the health effects of the treatment are not considered proven in the areas specified in the package offer; however, they are suitable for suggesting the direction of future research.

Based on the above, beneficial effects listed in the package offer are for information only and the effect of treatments may show individual variations. You should consult your doctor before use as an adjuvant therapy. The use of SENSOLITE device does not replace conservative therapies and medicines prescribed by a doctor.

For literature reference for the specific therapy, please, visit www.sensolite.hu.

Please, consider your decision on using this therapy based on the information given above.

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