ReumaMany people with rheumatic symptoms and joint pain use Sensolite, the polarized light therapy, very effectively. The reaction of people are very different since we have a lot of patients reporting full recovery of joint problems and pains; many patients reported marked or slight improvement of pains, complaints and disability. Sensolite clearly helps the reduction of rheumatic symptoms and joint pains as well as the associated disability (our patients feel that after regular treatments their joints move much easier). We offer our package to everyone suffering from rheumatic and joint problems. Our patients respond positively, but with individual differences, to the courses of Sensolite light therapy. Of course, as a result of Sensolite light therapy the mood and well-being of patients also apparently improves with reduced pain and decreased disability.

If the pain or rheumatic symptoms of our patient recur due to any reasons, it is advisable to return for treatment with 3 sessions per week for 1 or 2 weeks, and when the improvement starts, the treatment can be applied less frequently.

If sudden flare-up of acute inflammation associated with rapid, unexpected and sudden appearance of pain is suspected, Sensolite treatment should be avoided to prevent actual flare-up of inflammation.

I. Doctor’s opinion

“As a rheumatologist I recommend Sensolite therapy as an adjuvant treatment for my patients with musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, osteoarthritis or spinal hernia. Unfortunately, the age range of patients cannot be specified nowadays, since the group of people seeking effective therapy ranges from the 17-year-old patient suffering from spinal hernia to the 90-year-old patient with joint problems. I combine light treatments with physiotherapy for more effective results. Although there is a standard dosage, I determine and recommend individualized therapy for everyone. Typically, the pain already decreases after three occasions, but a truly significant effect is observed after the fifth to eighth session. I had an 80-year-old female patient with shoulder pain to which I could not apply normal physiotherapy due to her concurrent diseases (cardiovascular problems). I recommend this therapy for everyone from the age of 0 to 100 as it can alleviate pain without side effects. However, it should be noted that Sensolite has a greater positive effect when used as a treatment course. Significant results cannot be expected after just one session. “If everybody tried to live a healthy life, it would be enough to go to physiotherapy and use Sensolite as preventive measures.” Dr Renáta Kun rheumatologist

II. Patients’ experience

“I would like to thank you for this fantastic invention. I was diagnosed with disc hernia in August and I had awful pain. I could not even stand on my feet. I had 10 treatments in 4 weeks and Sensolite cured the inflammation completely, my movement recovered and my pain resolved. After this treatment I started physiotherapy. Thank you very much!” M. N.

“I am 59 years old and I visited the Sensolite Gyógycentrum that was opened in our town at the beginning of July. I had a lot of problems including frequent colds, ear and sinus infections, gum infection, joint problems, fatigue, nervousness, and mood swings. My nervous system and mood became calmer and my physical performance at weather fronts improved even at the beginning of the treatment course. My fatigue decreased. My bronchitis lasting for one and a half months has resolved. My sleep improved – without sleeping pills – after the fifth treatment. My gum and tooth root inflammation decreased a lot. My left shoulder pain became less common and milder than before and I do not have to take medicines. Even my acquaintances noticed that my hair and skin became smoother and more beautiful; my surgical scar is hardly visible. The laboratory test performed last week after the 16th session showed the best-ever results. I gladly recommend this therapy!” V.M.

“First, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to try your invention; it was very effective. I had a torn ligament in my left shoulder joint. After 2-3 treatments per week for 1 month my condition improved significantly and my pain was reduced. Sensolite treatment was more effective with regular use; the pain returned during the breaks but not as intensively as originally. Thank you again! I recommend this wonderful therapy for everyone. S. D.

“I am going to the 8th treatment right now and I will continue with a course of treatment according to the schedule of 3 times, 2 times and 1 time per week and then 1 time per month. My upper respiratory infection resolved without symptoms in one week; the postoperative scar on wrist healed beautifully; my anxiety resolved; my previous common rheumatic pain disappeared; and my slightly elevated blood pressure gradually decreased to the optimum. I had a tumour previously and I hope that it will help prevent recurrence. I truly believe in it, so an extra self-healing mechanism might have also been triggered.” S. Sz.

“I arrived to the Sensolite studio with joint problems and pain caused by autoimmune disease. My condition improved significantly after the treatment, my pain was alleviated and my asthma improved a lot. I am sincerely grateful!” H. I.

“I had tenosynovitis. My pain resolved after the first treatment and I am sincerely grateful to the inventor and the staff of the Gyógycentrum.” T. R.

“I take my mother to Sensolite therapy. Two of her vertebrae cracked due to osteoporosis, so it is difficult for her to move and she has significant pain. Additionally, she has diabetes and urinary incontinence. We had nine treatments on a twice weekly schedule. Her diabetes that she had for 25 years has improved so much that she only needs half a dose of insulin once a day instead of her usual dose twice a day. She does not have urinary incontinence anymore – she has not been in such a good health even with drug therapy. She still has considerable spinal pain but with a little help she can handle everyday activities again. Her mood has gone through a positive change; she has plans again and she wants to be cured. I cannot leave out that her hair loss was also stopped.” U. A. and E. A.

“I came because of my shoulder problem; even small movements caused marked pain. After 10 treatments my symptoms resolved completely. I did not have to take drugs. I have not had pain since then either.” M. H.

III. Therapeutic recommendation

Therapeutic recommendation for rheumatic and joint pains:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2

Maintenance therapy:

Azon pácienseknek javasoljuk a „Fenntartó csomagunkat”, akik már legalább egy kúrát felvettek a Sensolite Gyógycentrumban és a jó eredményt szeretnék továbbra és hosszasan fenntartani. A csomagban ajánlott kúra igény szerint ismételhető!

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1

The treatment frequency recommended by us provides results but if our Patient feels that he/she wants to use Sensolite light therapy more frequently, he/she has the possibility to do so after consultation in the Gyógycentrum. However, please note that the energizing effect of light therapy sometimes speeds up the body, thus excessive light treatment may cause sleep problems. Additionally, in such cases light therapy is recommended in the morning instead of evening before bedtime. If you should be active in the evening or at night, it is recommended to come to the Sensolite Gyógycentrum before your activity.

Information in this package offer are based on reports from subjective experience of patients and their treating physicians after intended use of SENSOLITE device. The patients and their treating physicians may mention positive effects in their reports that do not fall within the scope of the approved indication of the device based on the applicable regulations.

Information in this package offer – that is based on patients’ and doctors’ experience – is not supported by clinical research results. Thus, in accordance with the applicable law, the health effects of the treatment are not considered proven in the areas specified in the package offer; however, they are suitable for suggesting the direction of future research.

Based on the above, beneficial effects listed in the package offer are for information only and the effect of treatments may show individual variations. You should consult your doctor before use as an adjuvant therapy. The use of SENSOLITE device does not replace conservative therapies and medicines prescribed by a doctor.

For literature reference for the specific therapy, please, visit www.sensolite.hu.

Please, consider your decision on using this therapy based on the information given above.

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