Applications of the polarized light in case of Sensolite wellness light therapy beds

The Sensolite wellness light therapy bed is a wellness instrument recommended especially for health-conscious people that can be used efficiently for the following purposes in order to preserve the more and more valuable health:

I. Health maintenance

This is a prospectively exemplary method for reducing the still growing health problems and medical costs, and is an efficient manner of disease prevention.

1. Prevention

  • boosting the immune system and the ability of resistance. With the result of the most modern researches and by quickly increasing the natural protective ability, the concentrated polarized light activates the resources responsible for the immunity of the human body. It facilitates the prevention of different kind of diseasesas well as the viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

    2. Upgrading the well-being

    Better well being

    It facilitates the improvement of well being comfortably and modernly, thanks to which the body renews.

    Reducing stress

    Perfect manner of mental relaxation, the beneficial effect of the polarized light tranquilizes the vibrant nervous system.

    Improving the concentration

    The spiritual power achieves top form, theability of concentration significantly grows therefore it is recommended for those who must achieve top form (for instance: important meetings, business deals, school and other exams).

    Improving mood, antidepressant effect (psychosocial effect)

    It improves mood and vitality which makes the user optimistic, confident, and more definite, the self-confidence grows.

    Refreshing effect (in case of fatigue, and exhaustion)

    It energizes and regenerates, and also relaxes the body in a restful and refreshing way.

    3. Improving of endurance, enhancement of physical performance

    Improvement of physical and mental performance

    It is indispensable for sportsmen and who are under trainings in order to increase their results. For those having normal way of life it is a fast and comfortable possibility to increase their performance and their endurance as well as it is an efficient instrument against fatigue and general dejection.

    Increase of sexual performance (potency and libido)

    On the basis of personal experiences, it contributes to increase sexual desire and sexual performance. We can observe the reduction of libido disorders caused by the overworked and troubled way of life.

    Regeneration (for example hangover after a long party)

    It ensures fast regeneration following, mental and physical hardships, it eases the lack of sleep, stabilizes the organism, it brings the user to life and speeds up-

    4. By athletes and people regularly doing tiring physical activity

    • improvement of strength and load-bearing capacity of muscles
    • relaxation of muscles
    • reduce of muscle soreness and pain due to strain
    • acceleration the regeneration after a training or a competition

    5. For mothers with little children

    • Coping with breast injuries due to breast-feeding
    • Improvement of well-being

    6. Cosmetology

    Losing weight, detoxification

    The definitive weight loss is impossible without simultaneous detoxification. Our organism stores a significant part of toxins in the connective tissues and in the joints that is why to achieve successful and definitive weight loss we have to combine consciously the physical activity with other efficient detoxifying procedures, methods or treatments. The whole-body polarized light significantly increases the detoxification procedure.

    Cellulite treatment

    Its use improves the effect of the cellulite reducing treatments, because it stimulates the cell metabolism as well as the blood and lymphatic circulation.

    Skin care

    It regenerates efficiently the used and eventually anguished skin surface after cosmetic treatments. During the light
    therapy the oxygenation of the cells and therefore the oxygenation of the skin and the scalp improve. Sensolite wellness light therapy is also able to treat scared skin due to teenage acnes.

    Hair care

    By regular use of Sensolite wellness light therapy hair regeneration may improve, hair loss may cease.

    We can affirm generally the scientifically proved fact that the polarized light increases the defense mechanism of the

    II. In case of pathological status and lesions

    The Sensolite wellness light therapy bed is not a medical therapy device so in order to heal or ease your health complaints, please choose Sensolite medical light therapy bed, about that you can read more on the following website

    Contraindications by using Sensolite wellness light therapy beds.

    • current chemotherapy or chemotherapy received within less than a week (patients with cancer)
    • pacemaker (or other active implant) in the body
    • uncontrolled high or widely fluctuating blood pressure
    • fever
    • any kind of abnormal heart rhythm without medication adjustments
    • manic period by manic-depressive patients
    • alcoholic status
    • drug addictions
    • acute inflammatory status (ulcer, skin, bladder, nerve etc.)
    • epilepsy
    • first trimester of pregnancy
    • immunosuppressive therapy

    Polarized light therapy is a procedure
    based on multilateral scientific and health
    maintenance research, which accumulates
    decades of professional experience,

    that has spread worldwide as a popularsupplemental therapy which may help you in several fields of health maintenance.

    You may obtain all necessary informationabout the capacity and the individualized
    use of Sensolite wellness light therapy beds from our staff responsible for the operation
    and from our continuously updatedwebsite.

    In order to underline other indication fields of the Sensolite medical light therapybeds there are actually important blind, randomised, placebo-controlled scientific and clinical researches in progress permitted by the authorities.

    The examinations are going on with the participation of internationally recognized institutions and research partners.

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